ProGear 190 Recumbent Bike Reviews

Progear 190 Recumbent bikeThe ProGear 190 recumbent bike has been a good addition to my home workout, and for the price is definitely worth it. This bike comes mostly pre-built in the box, so it took a bit of time to assemble, but was fairly simple.

The main reason I chose Progear 190 was for the affordability, comfort, and ability to fold it up and stow it away when I’m not using it in my workout.

Progear 190 Features List at A Glance:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring System
  • Larger Pedal with Safety Strap
  • Large Seat Cushion and Back Rest
  • Folded To 1/2 the Size
  • Weight Capacity 275 lbs
  • 8 Level Magnetic Tension System
  • High torque 3 piece smooth crank system

Progear 190 Pros:

As I said, this ProGear compact recumbent bike is lightweight and easy to stow away because it weighs only 38 pounds and rolls easily.

Don’t worry about it rolling away while you’re using it on a tile or wood floor, though, as I’ve used it on both and carpet and on tile, and it didn’t at all.

Progear 190 has a lot of additional features that I really appreciate, but know are not selling points for all buyers. I love the large pedals and safety straps so my foot doesn’t slip off, even when using the bike without shoes! The overall comfort factor of Progear 190 model is actually outstanding- Check detailed product review here.

I have frequent lower back pains, which is why I opted for the recumbent bike to begin with. This one is very well-padded and cushioned, and I have experienced NO issues with my back since beginning to use it. The best feature is the large digital display: it shows distance, calories burned, time and MPH of biking, and even your heart rate, using the hand pulse sensors.

Progear 190 Cons:

Exercise bike pedalsProgear 190 has a very limited warranty, and I know some other buyers have had issues with their bikes. The additional parts of the bike are insured for 90 days, and the frame of the bike is insured for 1 year.

After the 90 days, if your bike starts to have issues with parts (such as the digital features, heart rate monitor, or pedal parts) there’s nothing that can be done.

The 8 Level magnetic tension system is a nice feature to make it easier or harder to pedal, but accessing it has been frustrating for me. To adjust tension, a user has to manually use the tension knob, instead of just pressing an arrow on the digital console (like you would on a treadmill).

It’s not the biggest problem in the world, but I feel it creates an awkward moment in my workout and discourages me from adjusting it during the course of exercise.


There are hundreds of recumbent exercise bikes such as Schwinn, Marcy, Exerpeutic etc are available in the market- Where Progear 190 bicycle is more than worth its cost. It’s user-friendly, comfortable, and has helped keep me motivated to continue with my exercise routine even on days where the weather is bad and I don’t want to go outside. In my opinion, the pros of this bike outweigh the cons, and it’s as good as you’ll get for a compact at-home recumbent bike.