Cheap Road Bikes – Essential Buying Tips

Cycling is a fantastically accessible sport suitable for young and old alike regardless of ability. But whatever your reason for riding ensuring you get the right bike and gear to suit your needs is vital. Choosing cheap road bikes in tough economic times may at first seem cost effective but you may soon find the cost of upkeep of such bikes to be more than the bike was originally worth.

Cheap Road Bikes

I first advise that you seek out a good, local bike dealer. The staff really need to take an interest in you and your cycling goals and they’ll do this by asking a lot of relevant questions. If this is not the case take your business elsewhere. The goal here is to build a good two way relationship between yourself and the bike dealer. A good bike dealer will want your business and you’ll want to be rest assured that you’re getting a good deal and that there’s somewhere to take your bike for those all important repairs.

Cheap road bikes on retailers who in many cases will give you a good deal. Unfortunately these online retailers cannot maintain your bike and if you’re starting out this is an important point. Of course, you may be guided by your personal financial situation as well as excellent bike repair skills.

For those riders looking for a serious road bike that has a performance edge you can spend anything from $600 to well over $6000. Please avoid the big box retailers selling bikes for $90. Such bikes are likely to fall apart the moment you try and do any serious riding on them and remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”. If you are starting out budget between $600 and $1400 there are many excellent bikes in this price range.

At this point you may be wondering if new cheap road bikes are unaffordable why not go for a used road bike instead? As with anything there are many reasons to buy a used road bike as not too. Most importantly is that you may be buying a road bike with someone else’s problems. I advise you to get the bike checked out prior to purchasing it if at all possible. Specifically the frame as this is more expensive to replace than worn out components.

If you are in the market for a cheap road bike then here are some places to look:

  • Your local bike dealer will often sell used bikes that were trade-ins or ex-demo. As such the dealer will ensure that the bike is in working order and in most cases offer a limited warranty.
  • Check local bike clubs for classified ads. Often bikes clubs have online forums were forum members can post details of their own bikes for sale or recommend by word of mouth.
  • Check out eBay. They have the widest selection of used and cheap road bikes and with PayPal a safe way of purchasing them. If you can see if you can inspect the bike prior to purchasing and you will need to know your frame size.

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